Keep Your HVAC System Running in Peak Condition

Keep Your HVAC System Running in Peak Condition

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Did you know that most major HVAC repairs could have been avoided? Damage doesn't happen overnight-it builds over time. With routine maintenance from Douglas & Son Services, you'll be able to catch issues early before they turn into costly surprises. We offer yearly or biannual maintenance programs to fit your needs and budget. You won't even have to worry about scheduling the appointments yourself. We keep track of every client's maintenance dates to make the entire process hassle-free.

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Get a full-system checkup

We pride ourselves on attention to the finest details. Our maintenance service is more than just a quick look at your system. During a typical maintenance appointment, we will:

Test AC starting capabilities
Clean coils
Test air conditioner safety controls
Check the refrigerant levels
Monitor refrigerant pressure
Test the thermostat
Check the cooling temperature and airflow
Check the condenser coils for debris
Inspect the compressor and fan
Lubricate the condenser fan motor
Tighten electrical connections
Measure volts and amps
Inspect the filters

Nothing slips past Douglas & Son Services. Speak with us today to receive a free estimate on our HVAC maintenance services in DC, Maryland and Northern VA areas.