Thinking About Installing a Gas Fireplace?

Thinking About Installing a Gas Fireplace?

Arrange for gas line installation services in DC, Maryland and Northern VA areas

If you want gas appliances, you need to install a gas line on your property. Douglas & Son Services is the team for the job. We handle gas line installation projects in DC, Maryland and Northern VA areas and the surrounding areas. Many elements can go wrong when installing a gas line, this is why you should always turn to the experts! Safety is our #1 priority-you can rest assured that we'll never cut corners.

We can install sewer lines and waterlines, too. No job is too big or too small for our plumbing contractors.

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Reduce Your Energy Bills by Converting to Natural Gas!

Here at Douglas and Son Services, we are not just professional HVAC specialists! Our team includes expert plumbers who can also work on gas water heaters and other gas-powered appliances around the house-both inside and outside. We keep current on all safety and coding requirements in the DC, Maryland and Northern VA areas.

Because natural gas is almost always cheaper than electricity, our technicians will perform gas line installations to help improve energy efficiency in your home and reduce energy bills!

From furnaces, and fireplaces to water heater installations and more, you can rely on Douglas and Son to provide reliable, quality work.

Reasons to Hire Douglas & Son Services for your next Gas Line Installation:


Backed by 30+ years HVAC and plumbing experience

We Understand the Risks

Many factors can arise resulting in gas leaks or other potential problems. We will ensure your gas line is installed properly, resolving any immediate issues and prevent future problems!

We Provide Quality Control

We know the procedures for proper, safe and efficient installation through current knowledge of safety and building codes.